Our passion is to drive the design world forward with our creativity and our design know-how.

With experts from the field of Communication Design we handle the entire design process from conception, through draft, to final artwork for advertising agencies and companies.

With creative sophistication, special features with a love of detail, optimization of design routines and development of unique selling points, we work in design projects and advertising appearances to ensure that the design world does not get bored.
Excellent program knowledge, extensive design know-how, thinking outside the box and independent, clean and routine work are part of our passion.

Our focus is on the layout and design in the print area/offline. Due to the increasing demand, we also offer Social Media Designs, video editing and after effects editing.

With Design experts like Senior Art Directors in Communication Design we offer the complete design process from creation to draft and design to final artwork.

What We Do


The essence of a campaign a company appearance or requires an advertising strategy of a concept. All statements to products and services arise here from a visualized, condensed idea core. If the embassy does not match the company or consistent with the project are, this can be a reason for failure.


Regardless of whether with or without existing we take over the creation of design drafts. Based on initial ideas, existing materials or from free Pen we elaborate simple or deeper designs.

Whether based on an existing concept, as a new design or as a redesign - with creative smartness and thinking outside the box, we visualize target group-oriented and project-related design solutions.


Already in the course of the design, I consider compliance with production-related specifications in order to make the final artwork as simple as possible later on. I also carry out the final artwork of existing media.


Our tasks are in all design areas, such as campaign design, the development of corporate designs, magazine and brochure design, Social Media, the development of infographics, image retouching and compositions, advertising material and POS design, presentation creation, packaging design and much more.

We are experts in communication Design!

What exactly is

communication design?

What communication design meansIs communication design the same as graphic design?

Communication design is the visual design of information in various printed and digital media using psychological and cognitive approaches. Based on conventional graphic design, communication design is the development of creative design approaches to convey a message between a medium and a recipient. Many factors play a role in communication design, such as typography, image, color and material.

What is created by communication designers?

Communication designers develop design concepts, provide strategic advice and design various media. These media are divided into two groups: analogue media, i.e. print media that are printed, and digital media, which can only be seen and heard on the screen or audiovisually. In agencies, products such as magazines, logos, flyers, corporate designs and websites are designed by communication designers.

What training do communication designers have?

Communication designers usually work in agencies and have completed a degree or an apprenticeship. Studies can now also be completed online. Many online universities offer the opportunity to teach design online and to take courses online. But the best option is to study at a university. The salary also depends on the qualification. During their training or studies, the prospective communication designers learn how to use typography, colour, image and material correctly and how to design a convincing visual design. At the beginning of the course or for the application, a folder with creative work samples must be submitted in advance. Many universities are represented at trade fairs and study days, where you can get an insight into the university and the requirements for studying graphic design. But you can also find information about the bachelor's and master's degree programs and the requirements, such as the portfolios, online on the websites of the universities.

We work with profession Senior Art Directors!

What makes aart director actually?

Is an art director an artist?

Contrary to the name, an art director has nothing to do with art. On the contrary: an art director works in the visual creative world. Be it in the digital or analogue area - an art director deals with design.The title art director is not the job title but the job title. Usually you start as a junior art director, then you become an art director and then you are a senior art director. If you take on other areas, you eventually become a creative director.

What training does an art director have?

Art directors usually have an academic career behind them. These include courses such as communication design, graphic design, visual design or media design. These courses have a close connection to practice and fewer exams are written, but more projects are worked on. Internships in design companies are also required.

What are the duties of an art director?

An art director assumes the leading position, which directs the processes and also lends a hand with the design. For example, an art director in advertising agencies takes on the coordination of campaigns. That means he takes care of the conception, implementation and production of necessary design elements. This works equally well in print design and web design. What is an image campaign in the form of posters, flyers, brochures or give aways in print design, is in web design in the form of digital banners, advertisements, emails and animations.

What does an art director have to entail?

Creativity, team and leadership quality as well as production experience are required of an art director. He manages various processes or takes them on himself. These include, for example: the planning of a concept, the subsequent creation of a draft, the design itself, writing the texts, editing images, the final artwork for printing, the printing process and the any necessary further processing.